Far Fetched Phrase
Dig up one’s tomahawk

To get angry

The oldest profession (in the world)

Prostitution or being paid to have sex e.g. I believe she made a living in the oldest profession in the world.

Pull someone’s leg

To pull someone’s leg’s means to tease them by telling them something untrue.

Daft as a brush

Someone who is rather stupid.

At the end of your rope

If you are at the end of your rope, you are at the limit of your patience or endurance

Tables are turned

When the tables are turned, the situation has changed giving the advantage to the party who had previously been at a disadvantage.

Kick into gear

Something gets going or started.

Keen as mustard

Someone who is very enthusiastic.

Ivory tower

People who live in ivory towers are detached from the world around them.

Icing on the cake

Something good that happens on top of an already good thing or situation.

Renaissance man

A Renaissance man is a person who is talented in a number of different areas, especially when their talents include both the sciences and the arts.

Revenge is sweet

When you are happy to be proved right, then you know that revenge is sweet.